Looking for a way to stand for what you believe in? Sen. Dianne Feinstein wants to hear from YOU. She has gotten a week’s delay of the Jeff Sessions confirmation vote [Note: this happened back on 1/24]. For real – this is not a Facebook meme, but a direct request from her Chief of Staff. Basically, FEINSTEIN WANTS 2-4 SENTENCES FROM MARCHERS EXPLAINING WHY YOU MARCHED AND WHAT IT MEANT. She will be incorporating messages (and most likely the sheer *NUMBER* of emails she gets) into her opening statement at the Sessions hearing for the Senate Judiciary Committee [again, this is happening tomorrow, 1/31]. Last week her staff said they had not heard from many people. We must FIX that. Send emails to: Sean_Elsbernd@feinstein.senate.gov Caitlin_Meyer@feinstein.senate.gov Subject line: WHY I MARCHED Please note: This is a rare occasion where you can (and should) email Sen. Feinstein REGARDLESS OF WHAT STATE YOU LIVE IN! This is because in this particular instance, Feinstein is not acting simply as a representative of California, but as a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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