Gerrymandering is the biggest obstacle to genuine democracy in the U.S., so why is no one protesting? | Commentary | Dallas News

The word “gerrymander” comes from an 1812 political cartoon drawn to parody Massachusetts Governor Elbridge Gerry’s re-drawn senate districts. The cartoon depicts one of the bizarrely shaped districts in the contorted form of a fork-tongued salamander. Since 1812, gerrymandering has been increasingly used as a tool to divide and distort the electorate.

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Severely disabled kids labeled at risk as Texas enacts Medicaid cost-savings plan | Texas Legislature | Dallas News

Mehta’s son Aiden is a triplet with a combination of birth defects including digestive and respiratory issues. She says children like Aiden are too fragile to be adequately treated in a managed care model. Mehta reached out to her senator, Nelson, author of the 2013 measure that her group says has imperiled thousands of children.

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