Joe Manganiello Plays DUNGEONS & DRAGONS with Nerdist and Critical Role | Nerdist

Celebrities… They’re just like us! They go to the grocery store in sweatpants, binge-watch Stranger Things, and many of them even play Dungeons & Dragons. And just like comic book movie franchises and thoughtful sci-fi series have opened up the floodgates for new fans, more and more people–including famous ones–are getting into or sharing their longtime love of D&D.

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DRUNK HISTORY Pairs Jenna Fischer and Jason Ritter as the Wright Siblings (Exclusive Video) | Nerdist

Comedy Central’s hit series Drunk History is taking on the untold story of the Wright Brothers (make that the Wright Siblings) in tonight’s episode, featuring The Office’s Jenna Fischer and Parenthood’s Jason Ritter. Drunk History creator/star Derek Waters has your official first look at the hilarious-yet-informative episode right here at Nerdist.

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Celebrate STAR WARS Day May the 4th with ‘Bad Motivator’ Starring Chris Hardwick! | Nerdist

Tatooine shouldn’t be your first choice for a vacation destination in the Star Wars galaxy. It’s unbearably hot, the Dune Sea is full of sand instead of water, and then there are all the dangers: Sarlaccs, Tusken Raiders, Jawas–oh my! Yeah, their chamber of commerce has a lot of challenges to overcome.

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Watch Last Night’s @midnight Uncensored with Aisha Tyler, Wil Wheaton, and Kevin Pereira ” Nerdist

Last night’s @midnight brought together some of the funniest and web savviest comedians in town for one of the raunchiest, most entertaining episodes in a while. Not to say that previous panels weren’t up to snuff; rather, the confluence of Tyler, Wheaton, Pereira and the single creepiest bounce house ever found on Craigslist made for one hell of an episode.

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