The complete list of all 80 false things Donald Trump has said in his first 4 weeks as president | Toronto Star

U.S. President Donald Trump makes frequent false claims about matters big and small. The Star is planning to track them all. Contact Daniel Dale at if you hear Trump say anything you know is false or should be checked. Last updated: Feb. 17, 2017 80. Feb.



Donald Trump: The unauthorized database of false things | Toronto Star

The Star’s Daniel Dale has been fact checking Trump’s public statements on the U.S. election campaign trail since September 15. Below, find the complete list of the false statements Dale has found. After that (very long) list, Tanya Talaga examines the errors, exaggerations and lies for patterns. Some remain hard to explain.


Donald Trump offers nine explanations of his Iraq War stance in 13 minutes | Toronto Star

Reality: Trump expressed support for the war on Howard Stern’s radio show in September 2002, as Buzzfeed first reported in February. Claim #2: I opposed the war after that Stern interview Quote: “I was opposed to the war from the beginning, long after my interview with Howard Stern.